St Ives: SP Group

As a major printer and logistics company, the volume of multiple waste and material grades is high. Waste Management Solutions have been working in partnership with SP Group now since 2003.


WMS has implemented and actively manages a recycling waste management system on site, striving towards the reduction in waste costs and to further SP’s commitment in reaching higher levels of recycled material against landfill.

We work across three sites managing the full waste management duties, recycling paper grades and managing general waste via 2 x compactor machines that empty wheelie bins as well as open 35 cubic yard containers.

Working with SP we have devised a colour coded system for the large number of wheelie bins that are placed around the site. These assist the staff with recycling materials and waste streams.

WMS employ a waste recycling operative on site full- time to maintain a focus on the activity of recycling, and who is targeted to maintain recycling percentages.

Supplying SP with a monthly waste management report, allows them to evaluate progress towards recycling objectives and helps charts progress made with WMS.

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Allow WMS to asses your waste management requirements and recommend the improvement efficiencies to move your business forward.

With a one-stop-shop approach, your company’s resources can be freed up by allowing WMS to manage the whole process, from initial discussions through to the on-going management of your requirements.