Paper and Packaging

WMS has the experience and expertise to deal with all your paper and packaging waste.



Remember, your current waste contractor may only be acting as a transport company – more of their profits are made from the transport of your waste than the recycling, therefore it is not in their best interests to provide good recycling advice.

We are committed to offering a flexible and efficient service, tailored to your individual business needs and with an approved list of recycling companies strategically located throughout the country, you are assured of rapid response and a competitive price.

If you are in the print industry, the smooth running of your business is dependent on the effective management of your waste paper. You need to be able to rely on a company to dispose of your waste paper efficiently and on time. WMS has been dealing with the print industry for many years and our experience has led us to develop specialised collection services and equipment specifically for this industry.

If you are in the packaging industry or produce a lot of packaging waste we can provide an extensive range of containers to meet your needs – from 1100 litre wheel bins to compactor bins and stand trailers for the storage and collection of baled waste. Systems to ensure an unrivalled service are provided to meet today’s business requirements. This is why our clients enjoy such a high level of satisfaction.

WMS can offer a full range of flexible on-site collection systems to enable you to recover a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, print waste, redundant or damaged reels and even contaminated papers.

Open Top Containers

10yd, 15yd and 35yd demountable containers are available for all recyclable materials. These can be supplied in either open or closed form.

Compactor Bins

For producers of higher volumes of loose material, this equipment is ideal as it has a greater capacity than the standard 35yd bin. It can be used in conjunction with the following systems

Cages/Wheel Bins/Tubs

We can supply a variety of tubs, wheel bins or stillages for the collection of printers waste, offcuts or reels. We can also provide and collect pallets


We can provide stand trailers for the storage and collection of bales, containers or palletised waste. Self-loader trailers can be supplied for collection from sites without access to a forklift truck.

One of our Consultants will be pleased to offer you advice and discuss the variety of options available to suit your company’s waste management needs.

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